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How to Be the “World’s Best Dad” (Without Added Guilt or Stress)

How to Be the “World’s Best Dad” (Without Added Guilt or Stress)


By: Helping Hands

Dads4Kids started in 2002 with the dream to make Australian dads the best dads in the world – at least in their own kids’ eyes. And they believe that the key is intentionally finding opportunities to spend time with your kids.

“The dream of Dads4Kids is building men, growing fathers, changing generations,” says founder, Warwick Marsh. “If we can become the best dads in the world, we’re going to solve a lot of difficulties… We build good families, we build a strong nation.”

Dads4Kids is all about providing opportunities for dads to be present with their children while having fun. Their annual Dads4Kids Fun Camp is popular with dads and kids wanting to spend time together.

“This is something I never got to experience when I was a kid,” Ben, a dad at the camp, explains. “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do … actually be able to spend that time with them, away from everything. Just to get to know them as much as you can.”

At home, he goes on to explain, the distraction of technology and regular commitments can interrupt quality time with your kids. “Getting away is a great way to do that bonding activity for us.”

Rather than adding guilt or extra pressure to busy dads, Dads4Kids encourages dads to find small ways to start being present in their kids’ lives.

Watch the Dads4Kids episode of Helping Hands below:

We believe the key is to be intentional”, Operations Manager Nathaniel Marsh says. “Adventures don’t need to be expensive, they don’t need to be elaborate… For you, it might not be camping. It could be a board game with your kids. It could be going out for a milkshake or a coffee at your local cafe. It could be a visit to your local park. Set aside that time with your kids and make those memories that they’ll cherish forever.”

At Dads4Kids, dads are empowered to do the small things that help them become “the world’s best dad”. The journey towards becoming this kind of dad starts with small steps.

Tips for Becoming the ‘World’s Best Dad’


Be intentional: Find time to get away with your kids – even if just for an hour or so.

Have fun: The more fun you have together, the more connection you’ll be able to build.

Keep it simple: It doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate. The more simple it is, the easier it will be to do regularly.

Let go of expectations: Spending time and having fun together may be messy. Focus on enjoying yourself, rather than trying to make sure everything is perfect.

Safety first: While it’s a great idea to go away with other dads and their kids, it’s important to maintain a safe environment by ensuring each dad looks after his own kids.

“Our children are our future,” Warwick says. “As dads, we need to spend time with them. We need to find opportunities. This (Dads4Kids Fun Camp) is that opportunity but you can create your own.

“If we sow into them now, we’re going to build better foundations for them, better foundations for our future families and better foundations for our nation.”

The Dads4Kids – Fun Camps episode of Helping Hands is on 9GEM, Channel 9 and 9NOW, and can be streamed on catchup TV.

Article supplied with thanks to Helping Hands.

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