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Why Muslim and Christian Leaders are Praying for the Gunman Behind the Christchurch Terror Attack

In a show of unlikely grace, some Muslim and Christian leaders alike are praying not only for the faith community, but also for the Australian gunman.

6 Ways to Help Young Children Resist Peer Pressure

While most people associate peer pressure with teens, there’s an emerging peer pressure beginning in childhood that is often overlooked.

The 10-Year Challenge – ‘Tech Style’

The 10-year challenge would not have even been possible ten years ago. It’s incredible to look at how much has changed in the last decade.

Salted Macadamia Ice Cream Dessert (Dairy Free)

This delicious dairy free creamy, salted macadamia ice cream dessert will impress your guests with its full flavour and creaminess.

Leather-Clad Preacher to Outlaws: John Smith (1942-2019)

John Smith, legendary Australian minister, commentator, activist and founder of the God’s Squad Motorcycle Club has died after a long battle with cancer.

“Isn’t It Romantic” – Pokes Fun at Chick-Flicks

The real take-away from the Netflix comedy is that if we look a little closer, perhaps our lives are more ideal than we thought.

Failure Doesn’t Define You – It Refines You

Failure can be a teaching moment, when the boundaries of life are expanded, the depth of your character is deepened and your willpower is strengthened.

25 Ways to Speak Your Child’s Love Language

Do you know what your children’s love languages are? Have you ever thought about it?

Screen Time, Digital Wellbeing & Priorities

Until Apple and Android’s latest screen time feature release, we’ve not had a good picture of how much time we spend on our devices.

Tackling the ‘Momo’ Challenge – Advice from a Mum and a Psychologist

One of the latest trends to worry parents is the so-called “Momo Challenge” – a meme based around a spooky image of a fictional character with large eyes.