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A Faith Response To Climate Change

Faith communities in Australia and around the world are not waiting for reluctant politicians to take decisive action on climate change.

Rest Doesn’t Equal Being a Couch Potato

So often we talk about “rest” and the importance of making room for it in our busy lives. Except for one thing, how do we actually rest?

Her Marriage Struggled Off-Screen, Too: Sarah Drew, Star of ‘Indivisible’ & Grey’s Anatomy

“I could see my own marriage playing out on the pages of the script”, says Grey’s Anatomy star, Sarah Drew.

Responding Well When Your Child’s Sexuality Is Not What You Thought

Practical advice from Christians in counselling and psychology to help parents navigate the sexuality conversation well and with grace.

Responding to a Society Becoming Increasingly Hostile Towards Christian Views

The growing suspicion that Christians are facing from the wider culture makes this conversation an increasingly urgent one.

How to Navigate Differences in Your Relationship

Having some differences with a potential spouse is inevitable. But which ones are red flags?

Secular Activists Make A Lot Of Assumptions About Christian Schools

Following the Ruddock Inquiry leaks, activists began a campaign against Christian schools about the treatment of same-sex attracted students and teachers.

5 Signs That It’s Time to Look for a Counsellor

Counselling is a chance to invite a wise mentor to walk with you through the dark places until you can find your way out into the light.

Mercy Trumps Judgment

If we are ever unsure whether to decide to show mercy to someone, or to judge them, it’s best to always err on the side of mercy.

My Son Won’t Talk About His Day

Parents have been complaining about this problem for at least 50 years! Try these questions to encourage curiosity and conversation.