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Ryan Reynolds in ‘If’ Brings Childhood Imagination to Life

In ‘If’, writer/director John Krasinski (‘A Quiet Place’, ‘The Office’) takes us into a world where fantasy and reality collide.

3 Ways AI is Changing the Future of Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is opening up possibilities for streamlining processes to benefit both healthcare professionals and patients.

The Australian Doctor Saving Thousands of Lives in Africa

Dr Andrew Browning’s desire is to see free maternal healthcare available across Africa – a continent which does so much, with so little.

Building Men and Dads to Change Generations

Each year, Dads4Kids hosts a Men’s Leadership Summit designed to equip men to be the best version of themselves.

Russell Brand, Gaza Protests & Super AI: The Search for Transcendence

We’re all drawn to transcendence – to worshipping someone or something bigger than ourselves. Here are three recent examples.

Laurie Lawrence Launches Free CPR Training to Help Save Lives

Last year 16 children died from drowning in Australia with recent research revealing more than 40% of parents don’t have any CPR skills.

The Idea of You: More Than Your Typical Romantic Drama

‘The Idea of You ‘, offers a unique perspective on ageism, social media, and modern love that sets it apart from other romantic dramas.

Budget 24/25: “A Fairer Go”

The Albanese government’s budget will provide welcome relief to families, but the Opposition argues it doesn’t address a core issue.

Listening to the Holy Spirit Will Help You to Share Jesus

It’s easy to get so caught up in ‘figuring out’ how to share Jesus, that you forget you have a helper: the Holy Spirit, God Himself!

Joel Smallbone on Playing His Dad in ‘Unsung Hero’ – and Upcoming Tour

‘Unsung Hero’ follows the Smallbone family as they move from Australia to the United States in search of a brighter future.