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How to Ease Your Stress With a ‘Mindfulness Moment’

Being mindful of our social and sensory needs and limits helps to ensure that we don’t find ourselves bombarded and burnt out.

The Darkest Night: Making Sense of Life’s Hardest Seasons

How do we make sense of life’s most agonising seasons, when it feels like God is either distant, or not present at all?

Chocolate Almond Spread Recipe: Delicious, Refined-Sugar Free

This spread is a delicious treat with a fudge taste; you can eat it from a spoon or spread it on toast or apple pieces.

This Powerful New Chatbot Might Creep You Out

The new chatbot ‘Pi’ is like Siri, but it can hold a conversation and tell you information, rather than just give you a website.

“Time to Speak Up”: Mission Australia Seeks Young Voices

The charity is asking Australia’s youth to share their thoughts on a range of issues to help forge a better society.

How to Share the Gospel: Four Words to Remember

How do you summarise the Gospel? There isn’t a ‘script’, so how do you tell it in a way that’s more helpful than confusing?

Here’s How Gen Zs Really Feel About Work

Generation Z finds itself in a very unique set of circumstances that are consistently setting it apart from previous generations.

I Had a ‘Barbie’ Moment Reading This Book On Masculinity

“It was a chapter on ‘Endurance: The Power of Turning Up’ that had me welling up with emotion,” writes Akos Balogh.

Bluey’s House is For Sale! Hit Show is On a Cliffhanger

The latest Bluey episode ‘Ghost Basket’ has ended on a cliffhanger, with a for sale sign posted outside the Heeler home. What does this mean?

‘When Calls The Heart’ Returns With a New Season

Season 11 is here, promising to resolve a cliffhanger and reveal new storylines for your favourite characters.