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Helping in the Bushfire Crisis: How You Can Assist?

After seeing the bushfire devastation many have suffered, Australians are now asking how they can help in practical and financial ways.

Why Your Kids Need a Tribe

When you feel like you have people around you who are your people, it feels wonderful. But more than that, it makes you more resilient.

Black Friday Gaining Recognition in Australia

Without Thanksgiving, or any public holidays, Black Friday is not as big an event in Australia as it is in the U.S – but it is gaining recognition.

Abused as a Child, Addicted to Porn as an Adult, Restored by Therapy and Jesus: Pastor Tim Ross

If someone you know battles an addiction, it’s probably covering up some deep-seated wound or emotional pain they don’t know how to face.

Australia’s Income and Wealth Distribution

The average household annual income is $116,584 and the national average household net wealth has tipped the million-dollar mark for the first time.

Be a Friend of God

When you trust in God, he speaks to you as one would speak to a friend. It might not be face to face, but it is always personal, honest, and caring.

Why The Atheists Are Right About Religious Discrimination In Australia

Are the majority of Atheists and other non-religious Aussies right when it comes to religious discrimination in Australia?

Why I’m not Afraid to Take my Kids Out in Public

You just don’t know what sort of day that mother and kids have had. So, it’s best not to judge based only on what you see.

African Enterprise Brings Trauma Healing to Schools

Sadly, in a lot of the African regions, many in the community acutely feel the affects of trauma but aren’t supported in recovery.

TV’s Jamie Malcolm and his Lifelong Connection to God

Jamie said, “I always felt a really strong connection to God; it wasn’t anything weird or overly religious, but it was really strong.”