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Connection with Your Kids

If connection is so important, but also so transient, how might we best create connections and maintain connections?

Movie Challenge: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving movies the whole family will love, now all you had to do is decide what to watch first….and cook the popcorn.

“A Silent Killer” – Families Urged to Get Kids Back to Swimming Lessons

Summer is almost here, and swim teachers are urging parents to find the goggles and caps, and re-enrol their children in swimming lessons.

Moroccan Carrot Salad

This quick and easy carrot salad pairs with so many dishes, it’s a great side dish for a BBQ but also presents well served for a more formal meal.

The Healing Power of Touch

One of the themes of the gospel of Mark is that Jesus touches the untouchable. Where others turn away, Jesus will draw near to you.

Religion and Politics: Is a Relationship Between the Two All Bad?

Greg Sheridan AO is an Australian journalist who has been immersed in the world of power, politics and faith for over 40 years.

Regional Growth: The Rise of Lifestyle Locations

Since the beginning of the pandemic, regional growth has been amplified, with people seeking lifestyle areas to live outside of metropolitan areas.

“Take Back Your Family” From the Western World’s Broken Model, Says Author Jefferson Bethke

Jefferson Bethke found himself revaluating the entire modern Western model of the family unit in light of pandemic living.

“You Must Squeegee the Shower” – and Other Useless Rules

In my house we have this rule: Last Person to Shower Must Squeegee the Shower. It sounds like a great rule, but it’s had the opposite effect.

A “Matter of the Will” to Remain Aware of God’s Goodness in Our Lives – Hillsong’s Ben Fielding

The pandemic has disrupted the practice of worship but Hillsong songwriter Ben Fielding is focused on connecting people to the heart of God through music.