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The Big Mistake People Make About Religious Discrimination

There’s a big mistake many people make about religious discrimination. It’s a threat to other basic freedoms, including non-religious Aussies.

3 Ways to Open the Door to Conversation

If we want to introduce people to Jesus, then it’s worthwhile paying attention to these three elements in our conversations.

Why A Social License Is The Key to Millennial Marketing

The growing demand for ethical integrity has corresponded with the growth in both age and prevalence of the Millennial demographic.

The Good Place Ain’t So Great

When I say I love the Netflix series The Good Place, I really do love it. It’s original, well-acted, and it constantly references philosophy. 

What to Do When Your Teen is Caught ‘Sexting’

A recent study, which analysed the sexting behaviours of over 10,300 teens, found that approximately one in six teens are sending nudes.

‘In Christ Alone’ – Modern Hymn Ranked Highly Amongst Favourites

“In Christ Alone is a wonderful modern hymn. Written in 2000, this hymn has lyrics that continue to resonate with Christians.” – Aled Jones

“Unplanned” Anti-Abortion Movie Confronting, but Surprisingly Balanced

As another Australian State decriminalises abortion, Unplanned is a timely release. The first thing to acknowledge, is beliefs about abortion are complex.

A Little Girl’s Tears of Joy – Over Pens, Pencils, Erasers and Socks

“I prayed, ‘God, I need pencils, I need erasers, I need sharpeners, I need notebooks, I need pictures, I need socks’. I asked Him for everything I needed.”

Incredible Act of Jesus-Like Mercy, as Man Forgives the Woman who Killed His Brother

It was a rare display of Christ-like love in a Texas courtroom, when a young man forgave the Dallas woman who shot and killed his brother.

Salt – Important to Every System in our Bodies

If salt is so important to our bodies, are they all the same? If not, what is the best to eat? Balance is the key, but often we don’t even think about it.