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Enjoying Downtime Without Experiencing a Downturn

As we draw to the end of another year, here are 3 tips for embracing relaxation and downtime without experiencing a downturn.

Theresa May’s Brexit Lament – “It’s Just So Hard To Break Up with EU”

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has surprised many with her calm, clear and statesman-like rhetoric on the exit of the UK from the European Union.

Financial Tips for the Christmas Season

6 tips to help you not to overspend and make the most of your money during the often-financially stressful Christmas season!

Your Failures Don’t Stop God’s Love – Singer Tauren Wells on Being ‘Known’ by God

With Tauren Wells already nominated in the 2019 Grammy’s for ‘Known’, it’s proof that honesty can win over radio-readiness.

Alcohol Consumption at Lowest Level in 50 Years

Despite common perceptions, Australians are drinking less, suggesting our relationship with alcohol is changing to one that is more mature and responsible.

Justice Campaigners Celebrate as New Law Brings Real Change to Modern Slavery

While Aussies were late night shopping, campaigners and politicians were celebrating the passing of the Modern Slavery Bill.

Finding God in All Seasons: Darlene Zschech on Her New Book ‘The Golden Thread’

“There’s something about the character or nature of God that you discover in those places, that [you] can never find on the mountaintop”.

When Do I Tell My Kids the Truth about Santa?

From the first time our kids ask, honesty has always been, is, and will continue to be the best policy. 

How to Share Your Faith with Your Workmates

One of the biggest reasons we struggle to share our faith is that we often don’t feel authentic enough ourselves. Here are 5 tips to help!

Are Smart Toys Safe?

New smart toys are capable of listening to your child. If they’re hearing things, they’re probably transmitting that information as well.