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The 12 Aussie Stats of Christmas

The 12 Aussie Stats of Christmas


By: McCrindle

As Christmas approaches, McCrindle has compiled a list of fun stats about Christmas, which include the top three things Aussies are most looking forward to this Christmas, to how many calories Santa will consume on Christmas Eve!

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1. Santa will need lots of help to deliver all the presents in the 9 hours and 43 minutes of darkness across Australia on Christmas Eve. Santa only has 3.5 milliseconds to spend at each of the 9,901,496 households across the country!

2. If Santa eats one cookie at each household in Australia on Christmas Eve, he will consume 5 billion calories in one night!

3. The top three things Aussies are most looking forward to this Christmas is spending time with family, the food and celebration and the Christmas cheer!

4. Australians value experiences over just more things and are also hopeful for technology under the Christmas tree. For the last three years technology and experiences have been in the top three most hoped for Christmas gifts.

5. It will be a very Merry Christmas to the 311,104 Gen Alpha born in Australia in the last year and celebrating their very first Christmas.

6. Residents of Perth have the best chance of enjoying a sunny Christmas Day, with the lowest chances of rain in the country (13%). However, Aussies celebrating Christmas in Darwin have the highest chance of rain on Christmas Day (58%).

7. Aussies celebrating Christmas in Hobart will enjoy the longest amount of daylight on Christmas Day (15 hours, 20 minutes). While residents of Darwin will have the shortest amount of daylight hours, just under 12 hours, 52 minutes.

8. Residents in Brisbane will enjoy the first glimpse of Christmas daylight with the earliest sunrise in the country at 4:51am, while residents of Adelaide will have to wait until 6:00am.

9. Those in Brisbane will be the first to see the sunset at 6:44pm, while residents in Hobart will enjoy 2 extra hours of daylight with the sun setting at 8:50pm.

10. If every Australian over 15 gave just 3 Christmas cards and they were stacked in a pile*, they would stand almost 60km tall. That’s out of the stratosphere! *Given 1mm thickness per card.

11. Christmas Day is the least popular day to get married with only 34 couples tying the knot across the country on December 25th last year.

12. 23% of Australians re-gift, which means if re-gifters over the age of 15 re-gifted just one present this Christmas, there will be 7 million recirculating presents!

Source: McCrindle, ABS, BoM

Article supplied with thanks to McCrindle.

About the Author: McCrindle are a team of researchers and communications specialists who discover insights, and tell the story of Australians – what we do, and who we are.


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