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How to Help Kids Find Their Thing

Author: Rachel Doherty | Tweens 2 Teen. For teenagers, working out their “thing” can be a frustrating. Figuring out what to do after school is a journey, but it’s not always easy. As kids move into the last year or two of high school, all anyone asks is what they’ll do when they finish. For […]

5 Kid Tips For Making Cleaning Fun

Cleaning doesn’t always have to seem like a dreaded chore after the kids are done having fun – see five easy and practical ways that you can get your kids involved in the process.

Dogs who can’t figure out stairs

Dogs have learnt to master everything from handshakes to tracking criminals, but when it comes to stairs why does it seem like the most confusing thing in the world for so many of our puppers?

Parenting Your Teen When Times are Tough

You are the exact parent your teenager needs! Dr. Greg Smalley will give you hope that regardless of the choices your teenager is making, or the parenting challenges you’re facing, you can trust in God’s plan for their future.

The True Power of Generosity

Author: Alex Cook | Wealth with Purpose. There is something special about generosity. It moves people. If there were a few things that could change our broken world, then generosity would surely be one of them. One of my beliefs is that for revival to come to Western nations, then one of the pillars that […]

4-Year-Old Owns Moana Performance at Kindy Graduation

If you said “I’m going to my child’s kindy graduation”, scenes of polite clapping, parents fanning themselves with the program and heavy eyes enter my mind.

Bedtime Battles

Author: Lisa Brock| Focus On The Family. “I want a glass of water!” Most of us could write a book about bedtime excuses. With our own energy levels dragging, those stall tactics aren’t usually met with smiles.